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Radish, braod bean, quinoa salad

Avocado, quinoa, radish and broad bean salad

If you’ve ever experienced growing your own humble selection of vegetables in a small patch, then you’ll know that radishes are the easiest to start with. They are the vegetable to grow if you are a novice gardener, yielding a satisfying crop in less than 4 weeks. In fact if you forget to pick the tender leaves soon enough they grow so fast that it feels as if they are taking over your garden, preventing the sun rays to reach other tender seedlings. For a bowl of pink bright radishes, you’ll get almost trice or quadruple amount of leaves, slightly hot, stingy and bitter. The first time I picked them, I had a really bad rash for a couple of days; I now know to use gloves! Continue reading


Spicy Moroccan carrot salad

Spicy Moroccan salad

You know when out of good-will and the determination to eat more vegetables, you cram your fridge drawer with seasonal veg, dreaming of the colourful concoctions you will create. A few days later that drive is slightly plummeted by mild laziness and the fact that your kids will start picking all the goodness out of their plates, pulling up faces like as if you want to torture them with it. Truthfully, it’s not very exciting chewing on a carrot stick when your tummy is rumbling, while hoping you’d find a more tempting treat lurking around the fridge. But no! All vegetables! Having found a neglected half a bag of carrots today, I was determined to make something exciting out of it. 

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