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Blog Hibernation

Dear blog, my silent patient companion.

You know me well to understand my long absence. The seeds of thoughts, images and words are patiently awaiting the soil of my soul to find the right environment. It is bitterly suffocating.. to fight amongst inner storms, drowning showers and the poor soil. You also know well enough that I will not quit. You just have to wait a little. The fruition of seeds against inner battles is a beautiful one.

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Random Thoughts – Life

Swans - peace

Swans – peace

War, crimes, destruction, killings, hatred..
That's all you seem to hear in the news these days. It's just so sad and it has kept me puzzled as to why humans are capable of such terrible acts? If only we can go back to simplicity.. oh how I wish.

I'm twisting and turning again
I just cannot sleep
My mind is going in all directions
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