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Kamut couscous with Harissa marinated Chicken or Halloumi

Halloumi, harissa, couscous

I have always been into reading about health and nutrition; frankly, I find the whole process of eating, digestion and the impact it has on our bodies, on a molecular level, quite fascinating. Not that I think of it all the time, but that got me reading about how our food has changed over the past century. One of the most noticeable changes has been cross-breading, refining and bleaching wheat, which has made wheat so different from its original ancestor. This fact has opened up my eyes to other various facts regarding mass-produced commercial manufacturing of grains, which I had no idea about. I wouldn’t like to argue about the ethical issues involving such practices, this blog is certainly not the place for it; however, it has made me conscious about the source of my food.
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