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Pomegranate Juice

Since pomegranates are in season at the moment and readily available in the UK markets, I cannot help but buy a bunch of them.They are usually imported from Europe, Middle East and the Indian subcontinent from September until February. Their pretty ruby seeds are like jewels that brighten up salads adding a delicious sweet/sour crunch, and are equally more-ish eaten by themselves as a snack. I was lucky enough to experience eating them falling straight of the tree when I was child in Iran. No words can describe the magical taste I experienced, however there can be some reasonably priced ones found in Asian shops, that come pretty close.

Pomegranates Pomegranate

When choosing pomegranates for taste, don’t pick the pretty smooth ones with a shiny pink skin, as they tend to be under-ripe with a possibility of white seeds inside. If you’re after a deep red and sweet dark juice, a slightly matt, dry skin that has almost changed into a square shape is what you’re after. Continue reading

The gruffalo gingerbread scence

The Gruffalo Gingerbread Scene

It’s January 21st, 2013 and snowing all across the UK.

Snow 026

The silent bliss of the snowflakes dropping quietly makes me smile of how innocent and beautiful it all looks. Unless you have to drive/walk to work or take the children to school then there is no reason to dislike the snow. Or maybe not.  I think this time round I’d rather watch the snow silently and admire the view from my window while I wrap myself in my coat and scarf.  It’s always a good excuse to blame the cold, but really I don’t feel too well today. Unfortunately the school wasn’t shut, so out we went.
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