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Rhubarb and Lamb Casserole

rhubarb and lamb casserole

I usually associate rhubarb with sweet things, either in a pie, pudding, jam, compote and so on; loaded with lots sugar to balance its sour flavour. Going through a magazine the other day I found a savoury recipe which immediately got me dying to try it, so you can imagine rhubarb was the first thing I bought the next day. After patiently waiting for it too cook, and then photographing the final dish, I was blown away by how delicious it was, really really good! Savoury rhubarb, no added sugar, sour casserole, well.. I’m a new fan! Continue reading


Spelt Soda Bread

spelt soda bread

Ahhh Bread! Why is there so much negative publicity around it? Is it not a staple food eaten by so many around the globe for over centuries? From a simple flat barley, corn-tortilla or roti bread, to an enriched Parisian delicacy such as croissants; it’s amazing how simple plain grains can be turned into these mouthwatering and irresistible inventions. Continue reading

Iraqi kebab barbecue banquet

Iraqi KebabIf you ever get invited to a Middle Eastern dinner, you will be amazed at the elaborate banquet displayed on the table. A large platter piled with with a mountain of rice usually topped with nuts and raisins, two to three kinds of meat dishes consisting of lamb, chicken and sometimes fish, a couple of stews filled with pulses and vegetables, many mezzes and side dishes, salads, and heaps of flat bread which is seen as essential. For a food lover such as me, I find it very difficult to try to enjoy the dishes prepared to their full potential because as you can imagine, there is no way you can stomach it all, even if you were starving to death. You just have to get ready for many buttons popping, or simply wear loose clothing. Continue reading

Spicy Moroccan carrot salad

Spicy Moroccan salad

You know when out of good-will and the determination to eat more vegetables, you cram your fridge drawer with seasonal veg, dreaming of the colourful concoctions you will create. A few days later that drive is slightly plummeted by mild laziness and the fact that your kids will start picking all the goodness out of their plates, pulling up faces like as if you want to torture them with it. Truthfully, it’s not very exciting chewing on a carrot stick when your tummy is rumbling, while hoping you’d find a more tempting treat lurking around the fridge. But no! All vegetables! Having found a neglected half a bag of carrots today, I was determined to make something exciting out of it. 

Continue reading

Goan Prawn Curry

 Prawn dish with compliments

I thought long and hard about what my first recipe on my blog should be…

  • My signature mini Kunafes 
  • 100% rye flour bread which even my kids enjoyed
  • My simple salad
  • My favourite food – baked salmon with broad bean and dill rice
  • Extremely more’ish date stuffed cookies, and so on …….

Being the the perfectionist that I am, I want to write the perfect words, have the perfect pictures and be sat with the perfect earl grey green tea at my desk. (Yeah, the definition of ‘perfection’ is extremely relative.) Continue reading