Zayneb Hi, my name is Zayneb 

It’s simple really, I just love good food. Talking about it… reading about it… experimenting with it… photographing it… studying it… researching it…and the list goes on! I have a Scottish and Iraqi heritage, lived in Iran, UAE and UK as a child. Recently moved to Iraq Currently living in the UK, and often wonder what the future will hold.

So why 2 kitchens?

Well, in a way it reflects how I’ve started to change the way I cook while still sticking to traditional methods; so whenever I’m cooking for family, I’m also making a more wholesome or modern version for myself. My children have got used to seeing ‘mum food’ on the table now, and at least I know if it’s there for them to see, gradually they might try it, and hopefully one day start eating it. It took me a while to change some of my eating habits to healthier ones, so I’m willing to be patient for as long as it takes.

I still cannot part with the joy of cake-decorating, which in a way goes against my philosophy of avoiding too much sugar. Any figures or shapes made out of sugar-paste are merely decorative and best not eaten! Experimenting with less sugary models has not always been very successful, yet!





This blog will slowly feature many recipes that friends or family have asked for over the past year – plus it gives me a good excuse to scribble a few words about my passion (and slight obsession) with food.  I may, occasionally, throw in some personal ideologies and nutritional information, depending on my mood.

I hope you enjoy following my journey in sharing my traditional family recipes, new discoveries, kitchen triumphs and mishaps.

Thanks for reading, and I would always welcome any comments and feedback. 

Zayneb, Registered ANutr, MMedSci Human Nutrition, University of Sheffield UK.

Copyright – Any photographs, contents and opinions belong to Zayneb Al-Khairalla.