Blog Hibernation

Dear blog, my silent patient companion.

You know me well to understand my long absence. The seeds of thoughts, images and words are patiently awaiting the soil of my soul to find the right environment. It is bitterly suffocating.. to fight amongst inner storms, drowning showers and the poor soil. You also know well enough that I will not quit. You just have to wait a little. The fruition of seeds against inner battles is a beautiful one.

I find it extremely sad to see the divide in this world.. extreme poverty/super rich, complete liberalism/extreme fundamentalism, excessive expenditure/struggling with necessities, hunger/obesity..  The divide carries on with bitterness, creating the ever-increasing conflict of jealousy, hatred, greed, self-centeredness and the vast corruption humanity has ever seen. I don’t want to see it anymore! Where is all this greed stemming from? It’s all from within ourselves! .. Would I contribute to this divide by posting recipes here? Would I be justified writing about my simple pleasures while I know somebody else somewhere is in much more need of it than I? I know you cannot stop what’s natural, but I cannot help it.

What can I do? Give up on my meal, live without electricity for a few hours per day, not rely so heavily on my car, my digital gadgets, my modern equipment, stand in solidarity with victims across the world.. is all a drop in the ocean. It’s a cry out loud for everyone to care for one another! To know how and why we should care – to stand hand in hand and not let ourselves be controlled by the ‘modern giants’ controlling our world. It’s ironic how personal believes are laughed at while we go about being slaves to commercialism, trapped in a ‘democratic capitalist society’, supporters of cheap labour somewhere else?! All for our own personal gain, for our own comfort. Is this justified? Or am I being too naive and completely blind to the finer details?

All I can say is.. I’m just tired. Tired of the inequality. Tired of ignorance and oblivion. Tired of how media and gossip are brainwashing us all.

I am taking small steps to start from within myself. I need to change. I need to change the soil of my soul.


2 thoughts on “Blog Hibernation

  1. malkhairalla14

    Beautifully written Zayneb. Humans are evolving towards peace and understanding each other. The awful mess we are in is an essential prerequisite for humanity to appreciate the sanctity of life in order to create sustainable peace. This thought gives me hope and inner peace! Mudher

  2. Muslim Girl in Love

    The inequity and injustice are a part of this world… luckily we will all be judged equally, according to our deeds in this world on individual basis. The change starts within us. I love how you said ‘I need to change the soil of my soul’. We all do. I pray that we all are granted forgiveness, wisdom and patience to carry on in this world full of distraction. May we be given clarity to see what’s right and be allowed to act upon it to attain our goal. Ameen 💖


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