Random Thoughts – Life

Swans - peace

Swans – peace

War, crimes, destruction, killings, hatred..
That's all you seem to hear in the news these days. It's just so sad and it has kept me puzzled as to why humans are capable of such terrible acts? If only we can go back to simplicity.. oh how I wish.

I'm twisting and turning again
I just cannot sleep
My mind is going in all directions
The thoughts getting deep

Reading this and that and
"The God Delusion"
I can understand why to some
It can cause Confusion

No confusion for me
On that front I'm stable
In fact it’s clearer now why
Almighty God is not a fable

You see the trouble is mankind
And not our Creator
Yes it’s that simple folks
Man made the choice to be the corrupter 

Ironically the most troubled with war
Are most at ease with their Creator
They are patient and know
Their rewards afterlife are far much better

I’m not talking extreme
Oh no not those mindless fanatics
Thinking that by blowing innocent victims
They’re martyrs! They earn heaven! Oh how pathetic!

The Almighty Compassionate God
May forgive a few acts
But a crime against humanity
He disavowals such tact

Faith is just an excuse to justify war
Hatred, power and greed for illegal reward
Why look at children and see how they play
Nobody told them to snatch each other’s toys away

No faith here I suppose
Just natural human instinct
Ah but here’s a sad fact
As we grow we become ballistic

My faith is my guide
To be tolerant, compassionate and kind
Yes some may argue you don’t need faith
For that sort of mind

Well it’s true if you are
Brought up that way
But a few generations
Then the morals will fade away

No no no that I cannot bear
I need that stability. Don’t you care?

Inside we are all children
Who like to be led
With the abundance of freedom
No chains by the head

The only chains around us
Are the ones we create
Of fear of rejection
Society, culture, our mates

But this blog is about food
So why am I diverting?
Did I not set myself a task
Each time a recipe so ‘enticing’!

Well no recipe this time
Just a few happy snaps
And a lovely gift from my mother
Acting as my journeys' maps 


4 lb of love
1 lb butter of youth
1/2 lb of good looks
1 lb sweet temper
1 lb of blindness of faults
1 lb of self forgetfulness
1 lb of pounded wit
1 lb of good humour
2 tablespoons of sweet argument
1 pint of rippling laughter
1 milk glass of common sense
1 oz of modesty

Put the love, good looks and sweet temper into a well furnished house. Beat the  butter of youth to a cream, and mix well together with the blindness of faults.  Stir the pounded wit and good humour into the sweet argument, then add the rippling laughter and common sense. Work the whole together until everything is well mixed, and bake gently for ever. 

Smile, peace and Love
Whitby - UK

Whitby – UK

Summary weekend - UK

Summary weekend – UK

Rift Valley in Kenya

Rift Valley in Kenya

Masai River - Kenya

Masai River – Kenya

Cactus Tree - Kenya

Cactus Tree – Kenya

Clouds - Kenya

Clouds – Kenya

Giraffe crossneck - Kenya

Giraffe cross neck – Kenya


Duck – Photo Taken on a peaceful walk

Mum and Ducklings

Mum and Ducklings


Ostrich – Kenya

Beautiful Giraffe - Nairobi Kenya

Beautiful Giraffe – Nairobi Kenya

African Elephant

African Elephant





Clouds - UK

Clouds – UK

Pistachio shortbread

Pistachio shortbread

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves – Love them

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves – Love them


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